November 30, 2007

Fast food in France

Yes, the land of gourmet cuisine has fast food places. Of course McDonald's is here, though they pronounce it Mac Donald's, or 'Mac-Doh' for short.

Then there is Quick, which is a Belgian version of McDonald's. The food is supposed to be more "gourmet", but really, fast food is fast food.

I remember the first time I saw a Dutch girl in the US asking for mayo for her fries. I was quite disgusted, and she was amused that I wouldn't even try it. Well I finally did try it in 2004, and now I can't imagine going back to ketchup. Oh, and they also offer beer with the meals (Kanterbrau in cans in Quick, 1664 on tap in McDonald's). Funny how sometimes it takes so little to make me happy.


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Sarkozy speaks!

Finally choosing to discuss what's going on in France (strkes, riots... you know, the usual), Sarkozy is interviewed by two journalists, one from TF1, the other from France 2. The one from France 2 is quite aggressive in her questioning, my guess is she didn't vote for him. He handles himself well in interviews like this. (The video is much more impressive than the simple summation article.)

Compare his statements with those of Segolene Royal. She says all french citizens must refuse to allow this violence to continue, because it makes french neighborhoods look like American neighborhoods, where people are shooting at each other all the time, but really trying to kill each other, unlike what's going on now in France. Is she really so ignorant that she views the United States as the old wild west, or is she attempting to pander by saying "Things aren't going well, but at least we're not American"? Either way, it shows her as the classless politician she is, and unworthy of ever being president. That's my polite way of saying she's a worthless bitch. I would call her worse if I was the type to engage in vulgarities, but then again I must be like that, since I am American after all.

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