July 06, 2007

Robert Doisneau DVD

Just watched this DVD tonight, Robert Doisneau Tout Simplement. Lots of great photographs from Doisneau, shown slideshow style, while in the background you hear Doisneau's commentary on some of the pictures and topics.

My favorite section was when he discussed some of the pictures he took during the liberation of Paris. And also the two days he spent photographing Picasso. Great stuff, maybe I'll post a teaser on YouTube and link to it here.

I would put up some of his pictures of the liberation of Paris, but whenever I type liberation + Paris into Google, I just get links to Paris Hilton getting out of jail. What's up with that?

But there's no point in a post about Doisneau without one of his photos, so here's one of his Picasso pics.

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July 05, 2007

Now that's comedy!

I'm very entertained by this video, and I'm not sure why. Sure, it looks sloppy and poorly put together. But I guess that's part of its charm. The fact that the creators view their Dem heroes as some kind of Spartan warriors (with the exception of poor Mrs. Clinton) is silly, but what's revealing is that the Persian enemies here are Republicans.

Forget about North Korea, Iran, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, or really anyone other than Republicans. Can't say I'm surprised, because I'm not. The left has been saying for years that the right is the real enemy, and once a Dem is back in the White House, all of our problems will wilt before their might. <snort>

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Je pense que c'est possible...

Et moi, je pense que c'est possible que t'es une vraie connasse (je ne te dis pas que j’adhère à cette posture, mais je m’interroge quand même un petit peu sur cette question).

et No Pasaran

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Racist cartoon clip

Just how many cartoons like this are out there? A quick search on YouTube turns up more than a few. Even Bugs Bunny got in on the act. While stuff like this still gets into cartoons today, it is done as satire rather than an ignorant stereotype. In America, I mean. In France, this sort of stuff is still fairly commonplace, and by extension, acceptable.

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July 01, 2007

What is porn?

Hmm, Allah seems to think a few clips from Amélie seem to constitute soft core pornography, and in fact "it ain't really that soft." Now I understand those scenes shouldn't be taken by themselves and shown to the general public as a promo, but still... borderline hard core porn?

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June 30, 2007

Great book on immigration

For anyone interested in learning more about today's critical immigration issues, here's a book that delves a little deeper into things: Erotic Journeys: Mexican Immigrants and Their Sex Lives.

The reviews received from other "intellectuals" are good for a few laughs. Here's a bit from Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo (no I didn't make up that name), who has learned from this book "how mind-numbing employment regimes lead to the taylorization of sex." Damn you conservatives, if only you would let these people come out of the shadows, so they could be free from taylorized sex! Even more laughable when you consider Taylor's management system involved training personnel to effectively, efficiently reach their goals. Although we shouldn't expect such an intellectual to believe anything good could come from the field of business.

Another reviewer states this book "demolishes every binary opposition, ethnic stereotype, and assumption about the sexual experiences of Mexican immigrants." Um, yeah. Thanks to this book, I no longer need fear having binary opposition about the sexual experiences of Mexican immigrants. Whatever the hell that means. And all those ethnic stereotypes I believed about the sexual experiences of Mexican immigrants, such as... um... well I can't really think of any, but I'm sure this book destroys them all the same.

I can't wait to reach chapter 2, Beyond the Hymen. I'm not sure if that's arousing or disgusting, but I'm excited to find out.

This is the kind of nonsense academics write and of course believe writing such an interesting niche book reveals they are terribly smart. Actually, you don't need a book to learn about the sex lives of mexican immigrants, you just need to watch something like Latina Anal Heartbreakers. It costs less than the book, and the review for Latina Anal Heartbreakers is much less pretentious. (If you really need a content warning for that last link, you're not too bright.)

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Wife Swap

Yeah, I know it's a dumb show, but occasionally you can draw gems out of the garbage there. Here's a great highlight, two couples arguing about which couple is worse. The insults are childish, which makes it even funnier. And who among you can resist giggling when you hear the word "mullet"?

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Our Little Oscar

Well, he certainly went through a few rough months, but he's been getting better. A few before and after videos are in order, to celebrate his improved health. First, a little video from over a year ago, showing the butterball engaged in his favorite activity.

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April 14, 2007

Oh Yeah Baby...

That's the stuff. You know how I love when you do that. Saucisson!!!

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April 12, 2007

Kevin Costner is...

uncomfortable. Ashton Kutcher handles things abit better, but he doesn't have the added pressure of Cecile demanding a kiss from him.

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April 09, 2007

My GF says...

it smells like old farts in the room. I guess that means I have to investigate.

UPDATE: We have found a prime suspect...

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He inspects what?!?

All those weird little European countries come up with some strange TV shows, lemme tell ya. Presenting... Inspecteur de Cock.

EDIT: I've just been informed that the original name of the show was Baantjer, and the French took it upon themselves to change the name. But my point still stands, since the Dutch named the character de Cock, and made him an inspector. What the hell did they think was going to happen?

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Tonight we dine in hell!

I suggest the buffet. There's not a whole lot to choose from, and it's slightly overpriced, but what do you expect? It's hell.

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