June 30, 2007

Our Little Oscar

Well, he certainly went through a few rough months, but he's been getting better. A few before and after videos are in order, to celebrate his improved health. First, a little video from over a year ago, showing the butterball engaged in his favorite activity.

Then, one week after his surgery. Not the same Oscar he once was, but he went back to his second favorite activity, running in his wheel. He really enjoyed it because after the surgery the vet had ordered all of his toys out of the cage to give his scar a bit of time to heal. It was very frustrating for him because he would always run in his wheel when he was feeling anxious. Without toys or anything to comfort him, he spent most of the week sleeping in the cage tubes.

And of course, after the vet encouraged us that everything was better and he could have his toys back, he attacked his stitches once more, and we worried that he might not make it after all. Here he is a short time after, exhausted from his trip to the vet and then loss of blood from his re-opened wound.

He's much better now, but the wound never healed properly, leaving a deep, round opening near his belly. His rear legs are quite weak as well, either damaged during the surgery or by growth that was removed.

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