February 18, 2008

Movie quote of the week, and other stuff

Angry Video Game Nerd's movie quote of the week, from sometime in 2007. Unfortunately he only did a few of these, then I guess got tired of them or whatever. They were quick to watch, funny, easy enough for him to make, so I don't get why he stopped. Anyway, here's his quote of the week from some Pokemon movie.

Okay, not a quote from the movie but a quote about the movie. Still funny as heck. Gotta love that face he's making in the middle and end of the clip.
Still, the AVGN isn't known for his movie quotes, but his reviews of lousy old games. Here's one of my favorites, Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout or some such nonsense. Age verification on the vid should warn you of the language content

I especially loved the shoryuken. Anyway, he does these little clips using a dv camera and some well known video editing software. Which brings me to the next video, "different but same" as Mr Miyagi might say. Shot by a kid using the same kind of camera and software, and trying out After Effects for the first time. Result is cool if you like Naruto, or even if you don't.

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