July 06, 2007

Really? $25,000?

So this 18-year-old girl decides to go on the internet and auction off her hymen for 25 grand. No seriously, who on earth would pay that much money to do it with a virgin?

Supposedly the virgin part is the reason for the premium but still, aren't inexperienced people normally lousy in bed? And $25000, for that much money you could get 100 really great hookers, or 1000 really cheap ones. Or a car. Still, if that skank Demi Moore could get a cool mil for one night, it can't be too unreasonable to assume a teen could get .025% of that.

Asked by a reporter how she could prove she was a virgin and not just some overpriced prostitute, she replied, "I don't know how to prove to you that I'm a virgin. You'll have to trust me." Riiiiiiight. You wouldn't expect me to put down 25 grand for a car and not take it out for a test drive first, or at least kick the tires a few times.

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